Big Buck World

Big Buck World - shooting game

BIG BUCK WORLD makes it a truly global hunting experience and it will blow away locations while attracting new players with competitive game play and non-stop action.

Players can take aim at a staggering 17 animals that include 3 NEW Safari Outback animals. Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck. In addition, there are 18 Trophy Animals, 77 Crazy Critters, 51 Scenic Hunting Treks and 255 Hunting Sites that cross 4 continents including Africa, Australia, Asia and North America. This new title also offers 51 Bonus Games and 77 new Critters as well.

Big Buck World Standard Model Features:

• New 2 on 2 Team Play Shootout Mode!

• 17 Other Animals To Hunt + 18 New Trophy Animal ! • 51 New Hunting Treks + 51 New Bonus Game 

• 77 New Crazy Critters To Shoot !

• 255 Hunting Sites - And Each Has A New Challenge ! • Over 400 Authentic and Unique 3-D Hunting Scenes ! • Up to 4 players can now compete Head-to-Head !

• Hunt in the morning, afternoon and evening

• Hunt in changing weather like rain, snow and fog

(Dimensions 29"W x 28"L x 79"H) (Power 120v AC, 5amps)


Phone : 306-242-2066