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Mike Portelli

VNEA Pool League

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The Valley National 8-Ball League Association (VNEA) is one of the world's largest amateur pool (pocket billiards) leagues. As of 2010, there are nearly 100,000 individual members in some 1,400 weekly local leagues playing in over 10,000 pool halls, bars and other venues in around 400 different cities, towns and suburbs in 36 U.S. states, and abroad. The organization was founded in the United States in 1979 by equipment manufacturer Valley-Dynamo as the Valley 8-Ball League Association. It was later known as the Valley National 8-Ball Association, a name the league still uses sometimes (and as of 2012, the organization still retains the "VNEA" acronym in prose and in its logo).

Despite its name, it is neither national, having leagues in eleven countries, nor limited to the game of eight-ball, as team nine-ball, as well as individual artistic pool and speed pool, are all now VNEA disciplines (some on a league basis, some only on a tournament basis). An annual, week-long VNEA International Pool Championships series (team, doubles and singles eight-ball, singles artistic pool) is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The organization is headquartered in Bay City, Michigan. The president of VNEA's board of directors is Michael Fowler (as of June 2010) and its executive director is R. Gregg Elliott (as of June 2010).

Big Buck World

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Big Buck World - shooting game

BIG BUCK WORLD makes it a truly global hunting experience and it will blow away locations while attracting new players with competitive game play and non-stop action.

Players can take aim at a staggering 17 animals that include 3 NEW Safari Outback animals. Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck. In addition, there are 18 Trophy Animals, 77 Crazy Critters, 51 Scenic Hunting Treks and 255 Hunting Sites that cross 4 continents including Africa, Australia, Asia and North America. This new title also offers 51 Bonus Games and 77 new Critters as well.

Big Buck World Standard Model Features:

• New 2 on 2 Team Play Shootout Mode!

• 17 Other Animals To Hunt + 18 New Trophy Animal ! • 51 New Hunting Treks + 51 New Bonus Game 

• 77 New Crazy Critters To Shoot !

• 255 Hunting Sites - And Each Has A New Challenge ! • Over 400 Authentic and Unique 3-D Hunting Scenes ! • Up to 4 players can now compete Head-to-Head !

• Hunt in the morning, afternoon and evening

• Hunt in changing weather like rain, snow and fog

(Dimensions 29"W x 28"L x 79"H) (Power 120v AC, 5amps)



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Easy access to hundreds of thousands of songs with 19" touchscreen.

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